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Maximising Work Communications

Author, public speaker and trainer Dee Clayton walks you through her amazingly simple process for getting the best out of your team and working more effectively with your colleagues.

In just 60 minutes you'll learn the essential secrets of communications of using Personality Styles Communication Preferences to becoming a master communicator.

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"Amazingly Powerful Videos"

  • ✅ Improve email efficiency and meeting effectiveness.
  • ✅ Online training videos everyone can use today.
  • ✅ Maximise people’s potential and thus increase productivity.
  • ✅ Reduce misunderstandings and resolve issues more quickly.
  • ✅ Designed for busy people - bite-sized episodes and downloadable cheatsheets.
Simply Amazing Training

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence And Improve All Your Working Relationships

We know that every day you'll come across a new communication challenge, this is why we're giving you 1 year access to the whole online video course plus a set of FREE download cheatsheets. You'll be able to quickly refresh and renew your communications skills to meet any situation.


Zero to Hero In Only 60 Minutes

The online course has been designed for you to get started quickly. Within the hour you'll have mastered the basics.


Discover The Four Key Personality Types

Some people are easy to communicate with other less so. You'll learn how to identify them and use powerful techniques to build rapport and understand their preferred communications style.


Master The Art of Communicating

You'll learn how to interpret clues in face-to-face meetings, in emails and during phone calls. Knowing what to look for gives you the ability to better understand and influence others.

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What people are saying

Customer-Focused Communication

"I liked that this training gave me an insight to how I come across to others, the strengths and weaknesses of that and how I can improve my interactions with others"

Adapting to Team Preferences

"I have learnt why I find it so hard to communicate with some people - I see now that it is just because they are so different to me in style, which is great because with these tools I can do something about that!"

Understanding Communication Styles

"I'm definitely more aware of other team members preferences so in meetings I can adapt to their way of thinking and motivate them more now."

Improving Interaction Skills

"I will use it when interacting with customers, particularly in terms of adapting my emails and presentations to focus on what they want to know, not what I want to tell them!"


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Maximising Work Communications Training

Full Access to the entire library of video training content

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